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Wisdom Keeper of The Month

Don Cesario

By admin

Don Cesario, is a 104 years old Siekopai (Secoya) elder in the Ecuadorian Amazon on the Peruvian border. He was said to be strict but also big-hearted and jolly. He was famous throughout the area f...

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Book of The Month

Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon

By admin

Chronicling the practices, legends, and wisdom of the vanishing traditions of the upper Amazon, this book reveals the area’s indigenous peoples’ approach to living in harmony with the n...

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Film of the Month

Spirit Space; A Journey Into Your Consciousness

By admin

This film acts as a progressive travel log for human life attempting to answer questions that mankind has been seeking since the dawn of thought. What were we before we came here? Why do we need to...

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